We are a family of four who lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But life is very busy for us. With full-time work and school plus the many activities in our lives, it is a little difficult to carve out time for ourselves. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit more than 20 countries and over 40 destinations in the world. We still want to see more!

We love to travel and we find a way to squeeze in family vacations whenever we can. But when we can’t afford to go away far, be it because of time or money or both, we also enjoy getting in some local experiences and adventures, big and small. Sometimes they are not even planned.

This blog is about a family who is trying to make traveling happen amongst all the other things in life. It documents all the wonderful memories we have had when we traveled as a family. There were laughter and tears, excitement and misfortunes, adventures and also hours of waiting at the airports.

Please follow along our journey, and we would love to hear yours too.

With love,

Howard, Anna, Nolan & Cady