The Great Wall of China

In our Australia and New Zealand trip in 2018 we finished off our trip by going to China. We could not have gone to Beijing without visiting the iconic Great Wall of China.

There are many different parts of the Great Wall, but se selected the Mutianyu for our visit. Even though the Mutainyu section of the Great Wall is one of the nicer and more restored sections there were quite a few loose and broken bricks. You have to be careful where you step because you might roll you ankle on one of the many loose pieces of ruble. We went there during spring break and even though it was spring it was really hot. It was also very busy. Though we weren’t toe to toe with the other people it was still quite crowded. One thing I noticed while I was there was that along the wall there were lots of holes. I assumed these holes were so that archers could fire their bows while using the protection of the wall.

My sister and my mother stopped a took a break after a few watch towers, but my dad and I continued going for five more watch towers before stopping. We probably only went through about 17 of the 25, 000 watch towers along the Great Wall of China. Each of the watch towers was very interesting and each one seemed slightly different the all the others like each one was used for something different. I noticed that the stairs going up to the top of the watch towers were very very steep.

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Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Great Wall of China since visiting it was cool because of the historical value. This was actually the second world wonder that we had visited on this trip, the first one being the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

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