Our family is not immune to the magic of Disney (not a lot of people would be). Whenever we visited Disney theme parks we would be immersed in the great atmosphere and have tons of fun.

Our family has visited these Disney destinations:

  • Disneyland and California Adventures, California (a few times in fact)
  • Disney World, Florida
  • Disneyland Hong Kong

We have heard many good things about Disney cruises so that’s definitely on our radar.

While it’s a ton of fun for the family, usually a visit to Disneyland or Disney World requires a huge amount of upfront planning to make your visit as smooth as possible. Dealing with the logistics, getting tickets, how to navigate the parks, lineups, and the crowds is a science in itself. We want to share what we’ve done and the tips and tricks with you. Because after all, most Disney trips cost a small fortune and so if you are like me, you would want to make sure the family can get the most out of every moment of it.