New Zealand

What can I say but that New Zealand has really surprised me. We went to New Zealand as part of our 2018 big family trip. We were in New Zealand for less than 1 week. Because of the timeline, we could really limit ourselves to a few places on the North Island but our family ended up having a blast. The kids especially like the Rotorua fun activities and the Waitomo caves for me were an amazing experience.

Everything was so green. We live in Canada and usually proudly tell everyone that we effectively have the nature as our backyard. But still, the green hills and parks we have in Canada cannot compare to New Zealand. As we were driving from Auckland to Rotorua I commented to DH just how green it was along the entire highway. Even all the landscape and trees along the 2 hour drive that we did were groomed. Just how much work must that be to maintain it?

In the few days that we were there our family managed to visit:

  • Auckland
  • Rotorua
  • Matamata
  • Waitomo