Palm Springs wind farms


While we were driving to Palm Springs from Los Angles, we saw lots of wind turbines beside the highway. There were probably over 4000 wind turbines that we saw, and I started to wonder about how much energy ll of them produced.

Wind turbines

Using wind turbines to create energy is a very green way and can create quite a bit if there built in a windy area. I think using wind turbines is sort of effective and creates energy in a green way that will help prevent global warming but takes up a lot of space and cost quite a bit to build. In this case though it is quite effective as there is lots of wind and the 4000 wind turbines can create enough energy for all of Palm Springs and the Coachella valley. Even though it helps the environment to build wind turbines I think having a lot of them wouldn’t be as useful as a big hydroelectric dam like the Three Gorges Dam from China. Even though the Three Gorges Dam cost a lot to build ($31.765 billion USD) and flooded lots of land it creates some much electricity and can supply quite a bit of China’s population. In fact, it has a generating capacity of 22,500 megawatts of energy each year and took over number one largest dam from the Itapiu dam in Brazil and Paraguay which only has a generating capacity of 14,000 megawatts. I think this is more effective than using wind turbines and it also helps the environment by creating energy in a green and environmentally friendly way.
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Overall, I think that the wind turbines we saw in Palm Springs are a good way to help the environment but there are better ways like hydroelectric dams like the Three Gorges in China because it has a much larger energy production rate and are much more condensed and take up less space.

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