Our bucket list

We are always planning our next family trip and vacation. There are so many destinations we want to visit in this world and so many experiences we want to try, this is our travel bucket list to capture those ideas and inspirations.

Doing hot air balloon in Cappadocia Turkey (or anywhere else just as beautiful) is the top of Anna’s list, but we don’t see that happening for a few years yet. But that’s the point of a travel bucket list so that we can keep track of these. You never know, plans can change any time.

The list is not very long at the moment, but we will be adding to it. I will be asking the kids to give their inputs too. Can’t decide if we have separate lists or make them come up with their own travel bucket list. Perhaps their lists will include destinations that they will go to by themselves when they grow up.

What goes into this bucket list is not necessarily travel destinations. We intend to add experiences that we want to try to it too.

Comments are open on this page because we want to hear about your travel bucket list. Your comments may inspire new additions to ours. May we all be able to fulfill everything on our own bucket list.


Cappadocia Turkey

Hot air balloon experience.


The moonscaped region of Cappadocia, southeast of Ankara, is most famous for its unique geological features called fairy chimneys. It has been described as a whimsical fairytale.


Santorini Greece

We want to see many places in Greece, but definitely Santorini, an island in the the Aegean Sea. It would be nice to do a romantic getaway to this mystic destination by ourselves, enjoying the exquisite clear waters. But we rarely abandon the kids when we travel and would love to see this beautiful place together as a family.


Madonna della Corona Sanctuary near Verona

Picturesque, historic mountainside church, circa 1625.

Visiting it also comes with a nice hike and gorgeous views of the lakes


African Safari

As real as you can get. When we are ready to go we are certain this will be the trip of our lifetime.


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