NYC, the big apple.

The City itself is world famous and has countless famous attractions and sights for any family to go see. We are still working on an itinerary for our upcoming trip to New York in May, but you bet it will be very full. It shouldn’t be hard to pack a lot of things to do with the kids in New York given all the options that we can choose from. So the difficult part would be actually to limit us to the must-do’s and things that we will thoroughly enjoy.

Howard and I went to New York together many years ago and had very fond memories of it. It’s been so long though that we will treat this family trip as a brand new experience. We will go see all the must-see’s, not just for the benefits of the kids. Of course we want to the kids to have fun and learn a feew things at the same time (which is always our family motto).

Please stay tuned as we share more NYC planning journals, and then of course our trip report after our visit.


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