Is Technopicnic the future of Travel Kit

Is Technopicnic the future of Travel Kit

Wherever you are in the world, having a picnic can be brilliant or it can be awful. You painstakingly carry food and drink, a blanket, and a swingball set (essential) to a lush patch of grass overlooking a sparkling ocean, a rippling pasture, or your neighbour’s dog emptying its bowels. Just as you’ve laid out … Read more

Landscapes of Malaysia

A photo essay on the different landscapes of Malaysia When people think of South East Asia they think of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, of the beautiful beaches in southern Thailand, or of the pristine peaks of Halong Bay in Vietnam. But what about Malaysia? Malaysia is a magnificent country and it … Read more

Health, Pills and Periods While Traveling

Pills, Periods and Women’s Health While Traveling

You’ve had your injections, packed your first aid kid and spent a fortune on sunscreen. You’re all ready to head off into the unknown, right? Well not quite. As well as general travel health stuff – women have some special health issues to consider and a little extra preparation will maximize the chance of healthy, … Read more

This app calculates if your plane will crash

Aims to allay fears of nervous fliers There are many reasons to be scared of flying: the recycled air that bathes you inside-and-out with the malicious germs of your fellow traveler; the lottery of being seated next to somebody who insists on telling you about their stubborn rash… oh, and the possibility of bursting into … Read more