How Much Does It Cost to Go to Disneyland California

Understanding Disneyland Tickets

Planning a magical trip to the Happiest Place on Earth can seem daunting when you’re staring at all the different ticket options and numbers. Believe me, I’ve been there with my own kids, trying to crunch the stats. But Disneyland is worth every penny of squeezing your budget, if you ask me! Let me break down the basics in a way we can relate to.

1-Day Tickets

First up – will one day of Disney delight be enough to fill your family’s wishes, or are you hoping for more? Single-day tickets let you soak up the magic for a quick visit, ranging from $104 to $209 depending on the date.  If you’re wondering “Can you buy a 1 day ticket to Disney?”, yes you can and it’s flexible to your plan. I know, I know – those weekend prices make you want to scream! But remember, you don’t have to see it all in one shot.

Multi-Day Tickets

If you’re in it for the long haul, multi-day passes become the smarter choice. A 2-day ticket starts at $310 for adults and $290 for the little ones, which is way cheaper than two single days. More time means more memories to last a lifetime!

Park Hopper Tickets

The Park Hopper option lets you bounce between Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure on the same day. It’s a nice bonus for $65-75 more per ticket. Worth it if your crew can’t decide which dazzling lands to explore first! The park hopper vs regular tickets price difference is approximately $65 per ticket (1 to 2 day), $70 for 3 to 4 day tickets and $75 for 5 day tickets..

Ticket Type Adult Price (10+) Child Price (3-9) Includes
1 Day Base $104 – $209 $98 – $201 Admission to one park
1 Day Park Hopper $169 – $274 $153 – $256 Admission to both parks on the same day
2 Day Base $310 $290 Admission to one park per day
2 Day Park Hopper $375 $355 Admission to both parks each day
3 Day Base $390 $365 Admission to one park per day, Magic Morning
3 Day Park Hopper $460 $435 Admission to both parks each day, Magic Morning

*Prices are subject to change and can be higher on peak days.

Hop over to our comprehensive guide on the different ticket options for Disneyland if you need more information.

Annual Magic Key Pass Options

I know some families who live for those passes – now renamed Magic Keys. With options starting at $399 a year, they’re a sweet deal if visiting is a way of life. Perks like discounts and parking benefits more than make up for the upfront cost over many adventures. Only true superfans need apply!

Different passes offer different levels of access, perks, and discounts, all covered in our Guide to Disneyland Magic Key Annual Passes. Here’s a handy chart of when you should go for one of these passes:

Pass Type Best Suited For Value Assessment Usage Scenario
Imagine Magic Key Southern California Residents Entry on select days with discounts. Ideal for occasional visits. Offers parking and merchandise/dining discounts for value. Residents seeking occasional, flexible visits to Disneyland, enjoying discounts on select days and park amenities.
Enchant Magic Key Visitors prioritizing flexibility Moderate flexibility with discounts. Suited for several visits on select days. Includes discounts on park experiences. Visitors who desire flexibility without committing to frequent visits, enjoying discounts on park amenities.
Believe Magic Key Regular visitors seeking flexibility High flexibility with increased discounts. Suitable for frequent visits. Offers enhanced discounts and parking benefits. Frequent visitors looking for flexibility and added perks, benefiting from discounts on various park services.
Inspire Magic Key Dedicated fans and frequent visitors Maximum benefits with exclusive perks. Ideal for passionate enthusiasts. Offers comprehensive discounts and parking benefits. Dedicated Disneyland enthusiasts or frequent visitors seeking maximum benefits and flexibility.
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If you go for one of these passes, the upfront costs would actually jump but you get a long-term benefit. So we will not consider these passes in our calculation at this time.

Other Costs to Consider

Food and Drinks

We all know keeping our crew powered up means opening that wallet wider. Plan for $10-20 per person at quick spots, or $15-60 for sit-down feasts. Snacks and drinks add up too – I suggest some hidden Mickey Granola bars in the diaper bag!

Shopping and Dining at Disneyland California
Photo by Aubrey Odom on Unsplash


At $35 a day, parking isn’t pocket change either ($40 per day for oversized vehicles). Thankfully, if you’re staying at one of the Disney hotels nearby, it’s included – score! Pro tip from this mom – Uber or Lyft can shave a few bucks off too.

Souvenirs and Extras

What trip to Disneyland is complete without a stuffed Mickey or sparkly princess dress? Just know those mementos add an extra $10-100 depending on what capture your kid’s hearts. I save up gift cards all year for the big haul!

Hidden Costs at Disneyland

In addition to accommodation, when budgeting for Disneyland, there are some costs that may not be immediately apparent, but can add up quickly.

Genie Plus and Lightning Lane Passes

If you want the Express Pass to the best rides without wasting daylight standing around, Genie+ and Lightning Lane can boost your magic. Genie+ runs $23-39 per adult per day, and provides cue-cutting for over 15 attractions.

But beware – some of the biggest draws like Rise of the Resistance come with their own surcharge. “Star Wars” fans may dish out an extra $10-25 per person just to bypass the regular lineup. These can add up fast!

Note this replaced the old MaxPass and FastPass that officially retired in 2021.

Early Entry and Magic Morning

Some tickets and annual passes include that sweet early entry perk. For resort hotel guests it’s a sunrise surprise too. Nothing better than a full breakfast before the crowds descend to max out the fun with less wait. A small boon but worth its weight in churros!

Memory Maker

Downloading all your favorite snapshot moments requires that Memory Maker. At $185 in advance or $210 on the spot, it’s a must for families who live to relive each second. I say even scrapbooking is beautiful but these days it’s all about cherishing digital memories!

Estimated Total Budget

The total cost of a trip to Disneyland can vary greatly depending on factors like the length of your stay, where you choose to eat, and how many souvenirs you buy. Here’s a rough estimate of what a family of four (two adults and two children) might expect to spend for a 3-day trip:

  • Admission Tickets: For a 3-day Park Hopper ticket, it’s $460 per adult and $435 per child. Total: $1,790
  • Food and Drinks: On average, you might spend around $25 per person for lunch and $30 per person for dinner, plus around $20 per person for snacks throughout the day. For three days, that would come to approximately $900.
  • Parking: If you’re driving to the park each day, you’ll need to budget for parking, which is $35 per day. For three days, that would be $105.
  • Genie+ Service: If you opt for the Genie+ service at $30 per person per day, for a family of four for three days, that’s $360.
  • Souvenirs: Souvenir budgets can vary greatly, but $50 per person is a reasonable estimate. So, for a family of four, that’s about $200.
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That brings the estimated total for three days at Disneyland to around $3,355, not including accommodation, travel to and from Anaheim, or any additional experiences or extras you might choose.

Refer to our guide Every Option of Disneyland Tickets Reviewed where we detail all the different options of tickets and their prices.

Money-Saving Strategies

Visiting Disneyland is a dream come true for so many families, but the costs can certainly add up. Still, with a little planning, there are ways we can cut corners here and there to stretch our budget just that much further. Every dollar saved means more magic we can experience together!

  1. Bring Your Own Food and Drinks: Rather than spending a small fortune on expensive park food, why not save money by packing our own lunches and snacks in a cooler? That way the kids can fuel up with their favorites without breaking the bank.
  2. Purchase Tickets in Advance: If we purchase tickets well ahead of time online instead of waiting until the day-of, we might find cheaper rates. It pays to do some advance planning.
  1. Choose Base Tickets Instead of Park Hopper: The Park Hopper tickets give us flexibility, but we could save a nice chunk by sticking to one park a day if that fits our family’s style. With the base tickets, every dollar saved is another churro!
  2. Plan Your Trip During Off-Peak Times: Disney’s calendars note expected crowd levels, so we could time our trip for mellow Mondays or post-holiday Tuesdays when it’s less busy—and less expensive too.
  3. Consider an Annual Pass: An annual Magic Key pass could be the frugal choice if we see ourselves coming back often to our happy place..
  4. Share Meals: The park portions are pretty hefty. With a little teamwork at mealtimes, maybe we don’t all need our own entrées.
  5. Buy Souvenirs in Advance: There’s no shortage of cute Disney-themed toys, clothes, and accessories online at lower prices before we even set foot in the resort.
  6. Utilize Disney Genie+ Wisely: Disney Genie+ gives great perks but using it smart will maximize our experience for each dollar we pay.
  7. Stay Off-Site: A hotel or rental just outside the resort grounds could save hundreds versus staying in the Disney “bubble.” As long as we’re close, that’s what matters!
  8. Set a Budget and Stick to It: With a budget in mind going in, we can watch our costs and make course corrections as needed to ensure the magic doesn’t break our bank.

So in short, budget for Disneyland involves calculating more than just ticket totals. Factor in those fine print fees too before your dream trip becomes a financial nightmare. With the right planning those hidden extras don’t have to burst your happy bubble.


How much money do you need for Disneyland tickets?

Disneyland tickets range from $104 to $209 for 1-day tickets, from $235 for 2-day tickets, and from $419 to $1,449 for annual passes, depending on the type of ticket and time of visit.

Can California residents buy Disneyland tickets for guests?

Yes—as California residents, we’re able to purchase tickets for out-of-state guests as long as they’re with us at the entrance. What a nice way to share the magic!

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How much are Disneyland tickets for California residents?

Occasionally, Disneyland offers discounted tickets for California residents. As of now, there are no specific resident discounts available, so regular prices apply.

How much does it cost to visit Disneyland?

The total cost to visit Disneyland varies greatly and includes factors such as tickets, food, parking, and souvenirs. A ballpark estimate for a family of 4 might be around $1,100 for a single day or roughly $3,300 for 3 days, excluding travel and lodging costs.

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