Soarin’ Over California Takes Its Final Flight at EPCOT

If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring above the Golden State, now is your last chance to experience the breathtaking views of “Soarin’ Over California” at EPCOT. The popular flight motion simulator attraction will be making its final run on Tuesday, February 27th, before being replaced by “Soarin’ Around the World” on February 28th.

Originally debuting at Disney California Adventure in 2001, “Soarin’ Over California” made its way to EPCOT in 2005, delighting guests with stunning aerial views of iconic California landmarks. From Yosemite National Park to the San Diego Harbor, guests were treated to a sensory experience that included not only visual splendor but also the scents of pine forests and orange groves.

The decision to retire “Soarin’ Over California” in 2016 in favor of “Soarin’ Around the World” was met with mixed reactions from fans. While the new version offered a global perspective with destinations like the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower, many nostalgic guests longed for the familiar sights of the California edition.

Now, as part of the Disney 100 Celebration, “Soarin’ Over California” has made a limited-time return to EPCOT, allowing fans to relive the magic of the original attraction. The 80-foot IMAX digital projection dome provides an immersive experience that transports guests to the skies above the Golden State once more.

But the nostalgia won’t last forever. As the end date for “Soarin’ Over California” approaches, fans are gearing up for one last ride before bidding farewell to this beloved attraction. Whether you prefer the sweeping vistas of California or the global adventure of “Soarin’ Around the World,” there’s no denying the magic of taking flight at EPCOT.

So, grab your Mickey ears and get ready to soar one last time with “Soarin’ Over California” at EPCOT. And don’t forget to share your favorite memories of the attraction in the comments below. Happy flying!”

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