What is Disney Spending $60 Billion on in the Next Decade

Disney is gearing up to make some major moves in the next 10 years, with a whopping $60 billion investment plan in the Parks and Experiences segment. In a recent filing with the SEC, the company outlined its ambitious strategy to create magical new experiences and refresh existing infrastructure. So, what can Disney fans expect from this massive investment? Let’s dive in and explore the exciting developments on the horizon.

Accelerating Storytelling

One of the key focuses of Disney’s investment plan is to accelerate storytelling by leveraging their vast intellectual property and untapped stories. With a wealth of beloved characters and narratives at their disposal, Disney is poised to bring new and exciting experiences to life in their parks around the globe.

Expanding Footprint

Disney has over 1,000 acres of available development space across six existing resorts in North America, Europe, and Asia. This means that fans can look forward to the possibility of seven new lands being built in the near future. From Avatar-inspired experiences to tropical Americas-themed oases, the expansion of Disney’s footprint promises to offer a diverse array of immersive worlds for guests to explore.

Investing in Innovative Technology

To enhance the guest experience, Disney is investing in cutting-edge technology that will take park attractions to the next level. From interactive elements to state-of-the-art ride systems, the infusion of innovative tech promises to make visits to Disney parks even more magical and memorable.

Reaching New Fans

With a focus on expanding capacity and attracting new visitors, Disney aims to reach fans around the world who may not have experienced the magic of Disney parks yet. By creating compelling new attractions and experiences, Disney hopes to draw in a broader audience and introduce them to the wonders of the Disney universe.

Exciting Developments on the Horizon

Disney CEO Bob Iger has teased some major additions coming to Disney theme parks in the next decade. From a full Pandora land at Disneyland to the transformation of Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland U.S.A. into a tropical Americas-inspired oasis, there’s no shortage of new lands and attractions to look forward to.

Additionally, Disney’s billion-dollar expansion project, DisneylandForward, promises to bring new themes and experiences to Disneyland, drawing inspiration from fan-favorite films like Frozen, Coco, Black Panther, and more. With plans to increase the size of Disneyland in California by 50 percent, the future of Disney parks looks brighter and more exciting than ever.

As Disney continues to invest in its Parks and Experiences segment, fans can expect a wave of new and innovative attractions that will delight and enchant visitors of all ages. With a focus on storytelling, expansion, technology, and global reach, Disney’s $60 billion investment plan is set to usher in a new era of magic and wonder in the world of Disney parks. So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting world of Disney!


SEC Filing

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