Disneyland vs Universal Studios California: The Ultimate Face-Off

If you, like so many of us, find yourself wondering whether to hit the magical streets of Disneyland or the thrilling alleys of Universal Studios on your next family vacation, you’re in the right place! As someone who’s seen the best of both worlds, I’m here to help you make an informed decision. Curious to know which park offers the best experiences for your kids? Stick around to find out!

Comparing the Two Giants: Disneyland vs Universal Studios

Unique Features of Disneyland

Ah, Disneyland! A place where every child’s dreams come true, and let’s be honest, it tickles the child in every adult too! The beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle greets you as you enter, leading you to a world full of enchanting fairy tales and thrilling rides. Whether you are being led down Main Street, U.S.A. or spinning in teacups in Fantasyland, Disneyland has a way of transporting you straight into a dream.

Disneyland California
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Unique Features of Universal Studios Hollywood

But wait till you step into Universal Studios Hollywood! It’s like stepping straight into your favorite movies and TV shows. From the thrilling Jurassic World – The Ride to the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios offers a different flavor of fun. It’s a mix of thrill, magic, and everything cinematic.

Similarities Between the Two Parks

While both parks offer their unique attractions, they have a few things in common. Both are packed with rides, shows, and attractions that cater to all ages. There’s always a parade to catch, a character to meet, and delicious food to relish. The two parks ensure that everyone leaves with magical memories!

Comparing Themes: Magic versus Movies

Disneyland’s Fairytale Atmosphere

Disneyland is often seen as the embodiment of magic and fairy tales. It offers a charming world filled with timeless Disney characters, making it ideal for younger kids and families. The iconic Sleeping Beauty castle, the adventurous Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the enchanting fairy tales world truly immerse you in the magic that is Disney.

A Guide to Planning Your Disneyland California Visit

Universal Studios’ Cinematic Excitement

Universal Studios provides a cinematic experience that’s hard to beat. It is a haven for movie buffs and those who love thrill rides. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Jurassic World ride, and the behind-the-scenes Studio Tour make it an appealing option for older kids, teens, and adults.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios California
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios California

Catering to Different Age Groups

Both Disneyland and Universal Studios cater to all age groups but in different ways. Disneyland, with its enchanting fairytale themes and universally beloved characters, often appeals more to young children. With everything from meeting Mickey Mouse and friends to riding on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Disneyland seems to capture the hearts of the younger crowd more effectively.

Universal Studios, on the other hand, with its intense, movie-themed attractions and experiences like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jurassic World – The Ride, tend to be more exciting for older children, teens, and adults. The behind-the-scenes Studio Tour is also a hit among movie enthusiasts of all ages.

Assessing Costs: Tickets and Value

Disneyland Pricing

Disneyland pricing can vary depending on the day and ticket type. However, a one-day ticket can range from $104 to $209. Disneyland tickets offer access to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, which can be a better value, especially for those planning to spend several days in the park.

There are one-day and multi-day passes, with prices varying based on the date and the number of parks you wish to visit. They even have a Flex Pass which allows you to visit on certain dates throughout the year!

Universal Studios Tickets and Passes: What to Know

At Universal Studios, you can choose between general admission tickets and the Universal Express ticket, which includes one-time express access to each ride and attraction and priority seating at select shows. They also have a VIP experience that includes a guided tour, unlimited express access to rides, and gourmet lunch!

A general admission ticket for Universal Studios starts at $109 for adults and $103 for children. While a little cheaper, Universal Studios only has one park, and it is typically possible to see all of the attractions in a single day.

I noticed the prices on GetYourGuide can be a few dollars (like $5) cheaper on certain days than the official website. So make sure you compare before buying.

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Value for Money: Disneyland vs Universal Studios

When it comes to value for money, both parks offer unique experiences and it truly depends on what you are seeking from your visit. Disneyland is packed with more rides and attractions, and offers the allure of two parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. With its timeless charm and array of diverse experiences, Disneyland might be the better value if your family is interested in a broader variety of rides and attractions.

On the other hand, Universal Studios Hollywood is a singular park, but it offers a variety of thrilling movie-themed rides and attractions that can’t be found elsewhere. The Universal Studios experience is unique, and for fans of the big screen, it might actually provide more bang for your buck.

Finding Discounts

Getting your money’s worth is important, and luckily, both parks offer potential discounts, especially if you book tickets online or plan to visit for multiple days. Disneyland offers special promotions for Southern California residents and U.S. military, as well as discounted multi-day tickets. Universal Studios Hollywood also offers discounts on online ticket purchases, multi-day tickets, and for their annual pass members. Be sure to check out their official websites for the most current deals and promotions.

Crowd Factor and VIP Options

Avoiding Long Lines

Nobody likes waiting in long lines, especially when you’re eager to get to your favorite ride. Fortunately, both parks offer options to bypass the lines.

Disneyland Crowds and VIP Experience

Disneyland tends to be more crowded than Universal Studios, particularly during peak seasons. However, Disneyland offers the MaxPass, which allows visitors to reserve FastPasses digitally, reducing waiting times. For a premium experience, Disneyland offers VIP tours, which include park admission, priority access to attractions, and a personal tour guide.

Disneyland VIP experience
Disneyland VIP experience

Universal Studios Crowds and VIP Experience

Universal Studios also gets crowded, especially on weekends and during school holidays. Universal offers the Universal Express ticket, which gives one-time express access to each ride and attraction. Universal’s VIP Experience includes a guided tour, gourmet lunch, and unlimited express access to rides. You will tour the movie industry’s busiest sets in a special trolley where you can disembark to explore some of those famous outdoor sets.

Characters and Preferences: Making the Right Choice

If your kids have specific favorite characters, that can guide your decision. Disneyland is home to beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Lightning McQueen. Universal, on the other hand, hosts characters from its movies like the Minions, Transformers, and characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Dining Experiences: A Matter of Personal Preference

When it comes to dining, both parks serve up a plethora of options. Disneyland might have a larger variety of cuisines, from American to Italian to vegetarian and vegan options. And let’s not forget their iconic treats like Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets and Dole Whips.

Universal Studios Hollywood, however, boasts unique dining experiences tied to their movie themes. Enjoy a Krusty Burger in Springfield, or have a meal at the Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The choice comes down to personal preference and which themes resonate more with your tastes.

Visiting Both Parks: Logistics and Planning

If you’re planning to visit both parks during your trip, you’ll need to plan carefully as they are about 35 miles apart. Depending on traffic, the drive can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It’s feasible to visit both parks on separate days of your trip. If you’re staying closer to one park, consider visiting that park first to minimize travel time.

Attractions, Rides and Shows: The Heart of the Experience

Disneyland Attractions, Rides, and Shows

Disneyland is home to an array of attractions that leave you spoilt for choice. A family favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where you journey through a pirate-infested Caribbean island. For those with younger children, the “it’s a small world” ride offers a relaxing boat tour filled with singing dolls from around the globe.

Disneyland is also known for its breathtaking parades and shows. The night-time spectacle, Fantasmic, is an awe-inspiring performance that incorporates lasers, fireworks, and water effects that will leave you spellbound.

Universal Studios Attractions, Rides, and Shows

Universal Studios offers an entirely different range of experiences. The Studio Tour, a must-see attraction, takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of actual movie sets. The younger ones can also have a fun time at the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride or the Dora the Explorer adventure.

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The WaterWorld show, inspired by the blockbuster movie, is filled with stunts and special effects that guarantee excitement and awe.

Food and Drink Options

Disneyland Food and Drink

Disneyland offers a vast array of dining options. From churros and popcorn on Main Street to the Blue Bayou Restaurant’s gourmet dining in the heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there’s something for everyone.

Universal Studios Food and Drink

At Universal Studios, you can sip Butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or enjoy a Krusty Burger in Springfield, USA. The dining experiences are so varied and exciting; you might find yourself planning your next meal while you’re still eating!

Which One Is Worth It? Disneyland vs Universal Studios

This question is difficult to answer as it largely depends on what you’re looking for. If your family is looking for a magical and timeless experience, Disneyland could be your best bet. However, if you prefer thrilling rides and a cinematic atmosphere, Universal Studios might win your heart.

Location and Getting There: Disneyland to Universal Studios

Reaching Disneyland Hollywood

Disneyland is located in the heart of Anaheim, California. If you’re flying in, it’s about a 40-minute drive from Los Angeles International Airport. The Resort offers its guests the convenience of parking right on the property. Easy peasy!

Reaching Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios, on the other hand, is in Universal City, a short hop away from downtown Los Angeles. It’s closer to the airport – about a 30-minute drive. Like Disneyland, Universal offers on-site parking. The CityWalk shopping and dining area is also a hit with visitors.

Going from Disneyland to Universal Studios or vice versa

For the most direct route, consider driving or taking a rideshare from Disneyland to Universal Studios, which typically takes about an hour without traffic. Alternatively, you could use public transportation or a pre-booked shuttle service, both of which take a bit longer but may offer a more relaxed journey.

Traffic between Disneyland and Universal Studios can vary significantly depending on the time of day and week. On average, you can expect anywhere from 1 to 2 hours each way, but during peak traffic times, it might even extend up to 3 hours. Plan your trip accordingly to avoid the busiest times if possible. The cost of a taxi or a Lyft ride between Disneyland and Universal Studios can vary, but it typically ranges from $70 to $100 one way.

Tips for Managing Combined Visits

Planning to visit both parks? A popular choice is the Southern California CityPASS, which includes admission to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other popular attractions in Southern California.

Conclusion: Bottom Line

Both Disneyland and Universal Studios California have unique experiences to offer. It boils down to personal preference, the ages and interests of your family members, and what kind of memories you wish to create. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but also the joy of the journey. No matter where you choose to go, the magic lies in the shared family laughter, the exciting discoveries, and the unforgettable adventures.


Is Disney California or Universal Studios better?

Both parks have their unique charm. If your family enjoys timeless fairy tales and magical experiences, Disneyland may be better. However, if you prefer thrilling rides and movie-themed attractions, Universal Studios might be the one for you.

What is the difference between Disneyland and Universal Studios California?

While Disneyland is themed around fairy tales and magic, Universal Studios offers a cinematic experience with movie-themed rides and attractions.

What has more rides, Disney or Universal California?

Disneyland has a higher number of rides, but Universal Studios provides more thrill-based rides.

Is it worth going to Universal Studios California?

Yes, Universal Studios is worth a visit, especially if you are a fan of cinema and thrill rides.

Is Disney or Universal better for adults?

Both parks cater to adults and children alike. However, adults might enjoy Universal’s thrilling rides and movie-themed attractions a little more.

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