DisneylandForward Proposal Clears Initial Hurdle

Disneyland recently cleared a significant hurdle in its plan to revamp the iconic theme park with a $1.9 billion investment over the next decade. The Anaheim Planning Commission voted 5-1 to recommend the DisneylandForward proposal to the Anaheim City Council. This proposal aims to transform the Disneyland Resort by introducing mixed-use amenities and attractions.

The proposal allows Disneyland to build attractions and hotels on land currently designated as parking lots. The resort plans to construct a new parking structure near I-5 on the east side of the Anaheim property to maintain parking capacity while developing the existing surface parking lots for new uses.

What Does DisneylandForward Entail?

The DisneylandForward proposal includes changes to the agreements between the city of Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort regarding land usage. The proposal seeks to provide Disney with more flexibility in developing its properties to create immersive experiences for visitors.

Disney projects the creation of thousands of jobs during the construction and operation phases of the proposed expansion. The development agreement would extend until 2064, with an estimated total investment of $2.5 billion upon completion.

Proposed Developments and Expansion

Disney envisions creating new lands and attractions within the existing Disneyland Resort. While specific plans have not been confirmed, examples include Frozen land, Tangled, Peter Pan attractions for the original park, and Zootopia, Tron, and Toy Story elements for Disney’s California Adventure.

Artist renderings of the proposed expansion show developments on the western side of the resort near the Disneyland Hotel and the southeastern corner of Disney’s California Adventure. These areas, currently used as parking lots, would be transformed into new attractions and experiences.

Community Impact and Benefits

The DisneylandForward proposal aims to bring economic benefits to Anaheim, generating jobs, tax revenue, and economic output. Disney has committed to hiring union labor, focusing on Anaheim residents and veterans for construction jobs.

The proposal includes investments in affordable housing, parks, and road improvements in the city. Disney’s expansion plans align with the evolving expectations of theme park visitors, seeking integrated and immersive experiences.

Future of Disneyland Resort

Disney’s vision for the future of the Disneyland Resort involves creating new and innovative experiences for guests. The company seeks to tell untold stories through attractions inspired by popular franchises like Frozen, Zootopia, and more.

The proposed expansion would not increase Disney’s current footprint but would allow for the development of new attractions on existing parking lots. Disney aims to enhance the guest experience by offering a more integrated and immersive environment within the resort.

As the DisneylandForward proposal progresses through the approval process, Disney remains committed to upholding its legacy of storytelling and creating magical experiences for visitors to the “happiest place on Earth.”

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