BREAKING HOAX: Cinderella Castle Burns to The Ground

If you’ve been scrolling through your social media feeds lately, you may have come across a shocking headline claiming that Cinderella Castle at Disney World was engulfed in flames. The news spread like wildfire, causing panic among Disney fans worldwide. But before you start mourning the loss of this iconic landmark, let’s dive into the real story behind the hoax.

The initial report of the castle fire came from a website called Mouse Trap News, which describes itself as a “”satire news”” site. The article claimed that the castle caught fire on a Friday night, sending smoke billowing throughout the Magic Kingdom. However, authorities have not confirmed any fire incidents at the park.

Upon further investigation, it became clear that the news was nothing more than a cleverly crafted hoax. Mouse Trap News is known for creating fake stories about Disney Parks, including outlandish claims like Disney planning to replace Cinderella Castle with a Spirit Halloween store or Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

The website’s bio explicitly states that all their content is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. Despite this disclaimer, the news of the castle fire quickly went viral, causing confusion and concern among Disney fans.
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Many social media users were quick to debunk the rumor, pointing out inconsistencies in the story and highlighting Mouse Trap News’ history of publishing fake reports. Comments on the website and social media posts called out the hoax, with some users sharing recent photos of Cinderella Castle to prove that it was still standing tall and unscathed.

This isn’t the first time Mouse Trap News has stirred up controversy with their fake news stories. In the past, they’ve published articles claiming outrageous events like free entry for Black guests at Disney World during Black History Month, which turned out to be completely false.

So, before you start mourning the loss of Cinderella Castle, rest assured that the iconic landmark is safe and sound. The next time you come across a sensational headline, take a moment to fact-check and consider the source. And remember, when it comes to Disney World rumors, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.”

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